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Pc fixings I provide basic fix and also some more enterprise stuff - pfsense, lamp and rails, servers etc no.#1 tech in the area

Your One Stop Shop for All Computer Services! free estimates/will beat anyone on labor/parts at cost/flex sourcing just email me - prompt replies Here are the services that I offer: Get your computer free of popups! Block popups from appearing again! Rid your computer of spyware, malware, viruses, and all other threats Protect your computer from future threats Speed up your computer Repair your computer Rebuild your computer Upgrade your computer -solid state drives ssd (the no.1 upgrade)/ram/gpu/bluray Build a custom computer - servers/games/media/appliance --->you name it. One on one computer/internet training/email support Network your computers via cables or wirelessly wifi expert/fabbing/cots Computer setup & installations, networks, password resets Web Design::lamp stack+ (really super strong_db stack)ecommerce/cms/blogs/drupal/forums/crm/wiki diy support, fabbing, monitoring, schematics gsa enabled, large rollouts ok rack setups (hubble/nec 2015/conduit raceways, drops, consulting) real time drillable data- day zero patch advisories, alerts, 'perfect setups' Extremely Reliable Web Hosting shared/vps/colo vmware/virtualization support dns/networking support domain controllers raid0/5/10 arrays and gigabit/10g upgrades compliance checks and auditing, server hardening. audio voip and hdtv apps integration convergence machines dual wan pf/load balancer/gateway/antispam/proxies/torrentflux file integrity/monitoring/audits metasploit ossim port spanning (mikrotik), 24/7 packet capture (security onion qos/dpi) cando rails phishing frenzy internal pentests shells apache/redis/sidekiq/beef/metasploit track opens #campaigns mediawiki expert - need 3 million pages with targeted ads - cando ssl wildcards - payment sys, blockchain apps tracking analytics, crawling and indexing, site mirroring aff sys setups/automated billing modules secure remote, encryption support (ssh/pgp/truecrypt/various) custom imaging/backups/HA clusters boilerplated open source code rsync/web mirroring comp intel revenue stream creation/seo And more! 30/hr zimbra groupware domain controllers data recovery virt servers/vps setups passwordless (key based) ssh logins htaccess big data, hpc gpu machines z-panel/dt perfect bit for bit images/md5sum concatenated auto snapshots/rsync/grsync multiboot usb cabling and antenna, swr, counterpoise. matching, ground and base kits/10m/gray hoverman lmr400, gig and 10gbe over copper, cat5e,cat6/7, infiniband qdr, bioperl/hpc configs total packet capture devices/ tcpreplay, dpi/qos, ids/ips, emerging threat rulesets network appliances - security onion nat and pfsense HA, subnets, vpn subnets, dnscrypt, 2 factor auth, easy admin, centralized logging semantic mediawiki/any lamp script support reporting/file and network monitoring and integrity custom rss/agg pages/portals proxmox ha clustering - easily scalable powerdns, dnssec, flavors of tls, drop boxes ddns enc support - secure remote vnc over ssh/tls.ssl/gpg/pgp/tor/whisper systems pentests/audits open audit,openvas, metasploit, nessus+ passwordless keybased logins/vnc over ssh/ filezilla pem nginx proxy with ssl certs senior and veteran discounts, free estimates

security onion / pfsense / proxmox

My work is 100% Guaranteed! total commander, mc, erd, grsync, systernals,hirens, trk, bt5, locksmith, phpmyadmin, knoppix, qdos, css, js, flash, html5, mysql, minipe, jquery, dll, binary, compiler, red5, tru image, fdisk, radius, webmin, shell, checksum, md5deep, selinux, pfsense, opendpi, proxification, onion urls, spidering, search, index, openx, geoip, mediawiki, semantic mediawiki, ajax, bios, custom firmware, custom builds, benchmarking, usb thumb drive customizations, tempfs, ramdisk, some gpu computing, some sdk/ide support. free advice. if you code or hack lamp stack and mashup of big data - email me. i have working vms with big dbs - wiki data. need someone motivated and down to have fun, code, and make money. #mobile #saas #aff index #crunchbase #market driven algorithm #lamp stack #pentest #smb #reseller #pfsense #opendpi #bundle #cpa #cpm #arbitrage #postfix #custom fields #transparency #forms #templates #semantic mediawiki #appliance #HA #vnc-sc #intellectual property #api #nda #gsa #pwnie john --test=30 Benchmarking: Traditional DES [128/128 BS SSE2-16]... (4xOMP) DONE Many salts: 7228K c/s real, 2203K c/s virtual Only one salt: 3834K c/s real, 1429K c/s virtual Benchmarking: BSDI DES (x725) [128/128 BS SSE2-16]... (4xOMP) DONE Many salts: 245896 c/s real, 75567 c/s virtual Only one salt: 157422 c/s real, 59547 c/s virtual Benchmarking: FreeBSD MD5 [128/128 SSE2 intrinsics 12x]... (4xOMP) DONE Raw: 74656 c/s real, 22267 c/s virtual Benchmarking: OpenBSD Blowfish (x32) [32/64 X2]... (4xOMP) DONE Raw: 1378 c/s real, 583 c/s virtual Benchmarking: Kerberos AFS DES [48/64 4K]... DONE Short: 361454 c/s real, 361575 c/s virtual Long: 1115K c/s real, 1115K c/s virtual

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